Take care of your loved ones!
A new mobile app for monitoring Parkinson's disease.
Timely assessment of the effectiveness of treatment and continuous monitoring of your loved ones with real-time information to the doctor.

About PDM
The Parkinson disease monitoring (PDM) app is a system that includes a series of simple tests that require only a mobile phone to complete. The app includes both classic measurement tests and tests using artificial intelligence to predict the severity of symptoms and the progression of the disease.
Our solution
Disease evolution visualization
Evaluation of treatment effectiveness
Monitoring of symptoms
Take care of your family now
Do some initial tests for Parkinson's disease with your elderly family members. Monitor the stage of the disease with our app!
Benefits of our app
No special equipment required
Testing and all related statistics on your phone. Fast, simple and accessible.
Testing is in accordance with WHO recommendations
All tests are based on research published in official medical articles and accepted by the World Health Organisation.
Using artificial intelligence
By applying artificial intelligence models we analyze biometric data that normally only the doctor can interpret
Remote monitoring
Care and monitoring of loved ones, even at a distance.
Our mission is to improve the quality of life of patients with Parkinson's disease.
Mihai Dascal
Technical expert
Alexandru Andrusca
Medical expert
Diana Ivaschiv
Project Manager
Nicolae Cadin
Machine Learning expert
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